Moonlighting with Majestic Horses

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Majestic Horses have just released their debut album "Away From The Sun". They are a group put together by Kellie Lloyd who you’d know from Screamfeeder fame, with with Kate Wilson (The Holy Soul, Grinding Eyes, ex-The Laurels) and Andrew P Street (Career Girls).

Unfortunately Andrew wasn’t able to make their run of album launch shows, so Kellie had been scouting around all the different cities & recruiting people to play different legs of their album launch tour. I used to play bass in an early couple of instrument-swap kinda bands I was in, and Kellie was kind enough to ask me if I’d play bass for a couple of shows and of course I obliged.

We/Sounds Like Sunset played a show at Moshpit in Newtown with this Majestic Horses lineup of Kellie, Kate and myself, and then I played another show with Majestic Horses the following night in Port Kembla at the Servo Food Truck Bar.

For me this has been a very welcome distraction from the usual routine, so I’m really stoked that Kellie would have me along! It was a great honour to play these songs with Kellie and Kate, and it really rekindled my love of playing bass!

Anyway the album is killer and you should grab yourself a copy

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